Why is the study being done?

Some gay men inject heroin and crystal methamphetamine. These men may be at risk for HIV as HIV can spread explosively once it enters a drug-injecting population.

Gay men who have unprotected sex under the influence of drugs may also be at risk for HIV infection, or for infecting others. At the moment, there are few treatment services for people who inject drugs.

The study findings will be used to guide HIV and health responses for people who inject drugs.

All procedures are confidential. Personal contact information will not be collected. None of the information will be given to the police.

Who can take part?

Adults, aged 18 years and over, who live in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape and who have ever injected an illegal drug can take part.

What will happen?

Participants will need to answer questions about their drug taking history and sexual practices. Participants will be requested to provide a saliva sample for an anonymous HIV test.

This study has been approved by the ethics committee of the University of Cape Town. Participants will be reimbursed for their time.

If you are interested in learning more about this study, please contact the people listed below:

Gauteng, Pretoria: OUT LGBT Wellbeing Nelson: 073 176 5600

KwaZulu Natal, Durban: TB HIV Care Avril: 060 345 8635

Western Cape, Cape Town: SWEAT Rudolf: 083 318 1305