OUT October 2016 Theme: Coming out

• Don’t feel pressured. Everyone should come out in their own time.

• Don’t label yourself if you don’t want to.

• Don’t think that you have to choose between your faith and your sexual orientation or gender identity.

• First learn to accept yourself, before telling anyone. Then tell one person. You don’t have to tell everyone at once.

• Choose the right time.

• Be ready for the consequences, should you be rejected.

• Give people time to come to terms with the news.


If you need advice or support, please contact:

– Dr Dick on www.men2men.co.za 

– or Dr Delicious on www.womyn2womyn.co.za

– Get FREE face-to-face counselling in Pretoria (Book now on 012 430 3272)

– or FREE telephonic counselling nationwide (0860 688 688)