OUT applauds Woolworths for its 2023 Pride campaign

OUT LGBT Well-being commends Woolworths for its campaign to celebrate international LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and efforts to promote LGBTQIA+ allyship.

The South African retailer has demonstrated its commitment to diversity and inclusion through an online and social media campaign, in-store promotions, and a Pride-themed apparel and accessories collection.

Indicating that the campaign is not mere window-dressing or “pinkwashing,” the company has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from its Pride range sales to LGBTQIA+ support organisations.

“Woolworths’ public affirmation of LGBTQIA+ allyship aligns with South Africa’s vision of a society that guarantees equality, safety and dignity for all,” says Sibonelo Ncanana, OUT’s Human Rights Coordinator. “It’s also clear that Woolworths recognises the importance of celebrating diversity in the LGBTQIA+ community, rather than merely tolerating it.”

OUT, however, strongly condemns the attempts by bigoted individuals to target Woolworths and other LGBTQIA+ affirming companies through boycotts and threats. Such efforts aim to drag South Africa into a state of ignorance and intolerance.

“The level of hateful discourse we’ve seen on social media in response to Woolworths’ Pride campaign is disheartening and shameful,” Ncanana says. “We urge the company and other LGBTQIA+ allies within the corporate sector to stand firm against fear and hate. They should remain steadfast in the knowledge that they are on the right side of history and our constitutional values.”