It is thus now unclear if there are two suspects in the Kliptown, Soweto case or if there is one suspect with two names being identified by the police. OUT calls for the SAPS to clarify who the suspect is in case Kliptown CAS 360/09/2011 and in the other three linked cases.

Dawie Nel, the Director of OUT said: “This information has never been previously provided to the public. OUT believes that the police must be more transparent and provide more information on the suspect as this could help gay men – the target of the attacker – to take precautions. This could help save people’s lives.”

Nel went on to say: “The lack of progress in these cases, which stretch as far back as two and a half years, is yet another example of how the South African State increasingly fails more and more people. From the beginning of OUT’s involvement, we expressed our willingness to SAPS to assist. They were not interested, in spite of all the valuable information we can provide on the gay community and the murders.

“Layered onto this could be homo-prejudice. It seems that gay people are not that important, their lives are cheap. Families are suffering, our communities are suffering and the police do not do their job and there are no consequences. It is heartbreaking.”

OUT calls on SAPS to finally act and to gather all outstanding information, including forensic reports that have reportedly not been completed.