Love Not Hate – Stop Womxn Abuse Video

OUT LGBT Well-being and its Love Not Hate programme condemn any acts of violence against womxn and children. Womxn should be afforded their fundamental rights to security and protection, equality and dignity which are entailed in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa of 1996. We urge all stakeholders to play a role in holding perpetrators and violators accountable, to enact stronger sanctions for any act of abuse and to prioritise the protection of womxn and children.

Our staff recently spoke out against the ongoing wave of gender-based violence in the country. Their statements were captured in the video below.

The Love Not Hate programme provides support services (health assistance through the TEN81 Clinic, psychosocial services and legal advice) free of charge to members of the LGBTIQA+ community who are victims and survivors of hate crimes, sexual gender-based violence, intimate partner violence and domestic violence. Please use any of the following platforms and contact details to reach out: / / / +27 12 430 3272.