hate crime poster april 2014 outsite

Why are crimes targeting LGBTI people called hate crimes?

  • They are based on the actual (or perceived) gender or sexual orientation of the victim.
  • They originate from hatred of “otherness,” fear of what is different, misinformation, or ignorance.
  • They can be physical attacks (assault, rape, murder), verbal attacks (hate speech, calling names), or any form of discrimination or victimisation.
  • They infringe on the rights of all LGBTI people.

If you’ve experienced a hate crime because of your sexual orientation or gender identity these organisations can help. Call one of them now or visit www.asiphephe.org.za.

• Lesbian and Gay Centre (Durban): (031) 312-7402
• FEW (Joburg): (011) 403-1906/7
• GALA (Joburg): (011) 717-4239
• OUT LGBT Wellbeing (Pretoria): (012) 430-3272
• Gay & Lesbian Network (Pietermaritzburg): 0860 33 33 31
• Triangle Project (Cape Town): (021) 686-1475

For more information on the Love, Not Hate campaign click here.

This campaign is supported by DiDiRi, Open Society Foundation for South Africa & The Sigrid Rausing Trust.