• It can be a physical attack, or verbal or any form of discrimination (e.g. bullying).

• It affects not only the victim but also the group, family and community they belong to.

If you’ve experienced a hate crime because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, these organisations can help. Call one of them now:

• Lesbian and Gay Centre (Durban): (031) 312-7402

• FEW (Joburg): (011) 403-1906/7 • GALA (Joburg): (011) 717-4239

• OUT LGBT Wellbeing (Pretoria): (012) 430-3272

• Gay & Lesbian Network (Pietermaritzburg): 0860 33 33 31

• Triangle Project (Cape Town): (021) 686-1475

For more information on the Love, Not Hate campaign click here.

The “Love, Not Hate” programme is funded by DiDiRi, the Sigrid Rausing Trust and the Open Society Foundation for South Africa (OSFSA).