In keeping with its 2014 theme, “Human Rights in South Africa,” and in celebration of 20 years of democracy, Love to Live presented 20 human rights awards (10 individuals and 10 NGOs) to nominees who have made selfless and significant contributions to human rights in South Africa and abroad.

“This is a great achievement for the Gay & Lesbian Network and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Love to Live for awarding us this great award,” commented Anthony Waldhausen, director of the GLN.

He thanked GLN’s allies and supporters as well as its staff and volunteers for “their selfless and dedicated commitment to human rights and working hard to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex (LGBTI) people are accepted, respected and treated with equality in our communities.”

Waldhausen dedicated the award “to the many LGBTI people throughout the world and especially on the African continent who face ongoing discrimination; who are criminalised, raped and even murdered.”

He added: “We also reflect on our resolve to work even harder so that LGBTI people can be really freed in the world. It is a long way for this to happen but we will not give up and will persevere. Twenty years of democracy is just a start and more still needs to be done to unlock the chains of hate and prejudice.”

The GLN offers a free phone counselling services, an outreach programme to empower LGBTI people and a drama group. It also organises the annual Pink Mynah Festival and lobbies against LGBTI discrimination and hate crimes.