Celebrating a Fruitful Partnership and Embarking on a New Chapter

OUT recently had the pleasure of hosting representatives from USAID and FHI 360 as we marked the conclusion of our five-year sub-award from USAID and PEPFAR through FHI 360’s EpiC project.

This incredible journey saw OUT provide comprehensive high-quality and stigma-free HIV prevention and treatment services to thousands of MSM in three South African metros.

Our guests toured our Engage Men’s Health sites in Nelson Mandela Bay, Buffalo City, and Johannesburg, engaging in meaningful conversations with our dedicated staff and the inspiring beneficiaries who shared their experiences and insights. It was also an opportunity for us to present an overview of the many successes of the programme, which include testing 52,783 men for HIV and initiating 14,672 clients on PrEP and 3,241 on ART.

To express our deep gratitude for the unwavering support of our partners, we hosted a small celebration at OUT’s Pretoria office, marking the conclusion of a fruitful and impactful collaboration.

As one chapter concludes, OUT, the Engage Men’s Health project, and our partners at USAID are gearing up for an exciting new journey in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more updates on our commitment to making a continued positive impact in the lives of those we serve!