Cape Town LGBT tourism travel survey

Targeting both local and international LGBT tourists, it is set to enhance the city’s knowledge and understanding of these travellers.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation, estimates that gay tourists contribute around R1,8 billion to the Cape Town economy each year.

This city, however, needs to understand why it is popular and how it can reinvent itself as a gay tourism destination to continue to remain sought after.

According to Hattingh, the research “will contribute to a massive research gap regarding the gay travel market”.

He explained that the gay travel market is often seen as “a homogenous segment just because they have the same sexual orientation”.

Hattingh points out that in reality “sexuality is cross-cut by socio-economic status, race and gender”.

“Little research has examined the motivations of gay leisure travellers to Cape Town hence this study attempts to fill this gap by determining what Cape Town’s important attributes are that attract gay travellers to choose Cape Town as their destination of choice,” he said.

In April, the city hosted the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) Annual Convention. The global LGBT tourism market was estimated to be valued at around US$ 165 billion in 2012.

To take part in the Cape Town LGBT tourism survey, click here.