As You Like It, a queer anthology

The second offering in the Gerald Kraak annual anthology, As You Like It, is a collection of the short-listed entries submitted for the award.

This anthology offers a window into deeply located visions and voices across the continent. It brings together stories of self-expression, identity, sexuality and agency, all located within Africa and its legacy.

Curated by some of our favorite thinkers – Sisonke Msimang, Mark Gevisser and Sylvia Tamale, this anthology is not only a celebration of emerging writers from across the continent; it also provides a space for storytellers to keep doing what they love and to turn what they love into careers. 

“These stories take up space; they are big and heavy and weighty and solid. These stories make no apologies. The sentences you will find on these pages are not afraid. They move from the brutal and the bloody to the melodic and the lyrical. They are crisp and controlled then suddenly they melt; sweetly, seductively” – Sisonke Msimang

The anthology includes the 2018 Gerald Kraak Award winning essay, Africa’s future has no space for stupid black men, by Nigerian writer Pwaangulongii Dauod.

As You Like It, The Gerald Kraak Anthology Vol 2 is available at Exclusive Books stores.