Participate in a research study seeking to understand your experience of counseling or therapy as an LGBTQ Person

In this study, she is interviewing LGBTQ people who have been in mental health treatment (for at least 2 sessions) to learn more about their experience.

To Participate: You must identify as LGBTQ and be over 18 years of age. Participation can be done online through videoconferencing, by phone, or in person. March 11-April 5.

Benefits: If selected, travel expense will be reimbursed ($10.00). Estimated one hour. Also, you may learn more about yourself and develop new insights about your experience, and your participation may benefit LGBTQ people in the future. The study was approved by University of Massachusetts Boston Institutional Review Board (#2018231).

To take part, please contact Sharon Horne, PhD at or WhatsApp her on +1 9012300422.