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The art of touch men-only workshops

The Art of Touch will be holding a number of men-only workshops in Johannesburg and Pretoria in April. These include:
Aqua-Bliss – men only – 12 April 2016 & 30 April 2016 (two seperate events) – Johannesburg
Aqua-Bliss combines music, movement and suspension in water where we connect to our authentic self, others and the world outside – letting go of the outside world, labels, we learn to trust and celebrate maleness.
Nudity give us the opportunity to let go the masks and acts we sometimes put on and give us the opportunity to promote respect for each other and their (our) bodies – there is respectful touch and caress.
Underwater sound and LED up-lighters help to take you into deep meditative states.
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  • For more info and to book your ticket for 30 April, click here.

The Talk – Male Sexuality – on 14 April 2016 – Pretoria
A two hour introductory talk on male sexuality – Thursday evening 14 April @ 19:00 by Stephen Tredrea from Cape Town.
Stephen is a coach, counsellor, conscious dance facilitator and Tantra practitioner based in Cape Town, South Africa with an interest in expressing unique potential, magnificence and aliveness in daily life.
He takes a sex-positive approach to conscious awakening, working with desire as a gateway to experiencing Divine. He incorporates all techniques and modalities in his workshops to let the participants deal with past traumas, fear/guilt/shame of sexuality, intimacy, relationship, self-acceptance, love and surrender to our innate magnificence.
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The Art of Touch V – Bondage (Basic) – 16 – 17 April – Pretoria
Also presented by Stephen Tredrea from Cape Town, a coach, counsellor, conscious dance facilitator and Tantra practitioner.
This two day workshop is designed to teach you about letting go, placing trust and the surrender of control. Here are a few constructive behaviours bondage can help with.
Attending this workshop you will learn about and find opportunities to have experiences in boundaries and consent; dynamics of power and vulnerability; the basics of spanking, rope play and talking dirty; basic rope use, knots and safety.
Workshop lay-out
• An introductory talk on male – Thursday evening
• A movement workshop (either a facilitated conscious dance/movement experience working with connection, touch and vulnerability OR a combination of dance/movement and meditation focusing on building life-force energy in the body – Saturday Afternoon
• The bondage workshop – Sunday Full day
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