OUT provides direct health services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, MSM, sex workers, and injecting drug users, including HIV testing, counselling, treatment and general lifestyle advice and support.

OUT has been in existence for more than 21 years and is dedicated to the building of healthy and empowered LGBT communities in South Africa and internationally, while reducing hetrosexism and homophobia in society.

Large drop in HIV infections in the UK

  • Category: News
  • Created: 27 January 2020

The UK government says it is winning the war against HIV, citing a decline in HIV infections, especially among gay, bi and other men who have sex with men.

According to a new report, there has been a dramatic 71.4% fall in HIV infections among these groups between 2012 and 2018.

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Men are still not getting tested for HIV

  • Category: News
  • Created: 06 December 2019

While strides have been made in fighting HIV, many men are still hesitant to get tested and remain unaware of their status.

Despite government and civil society efforts to fight the spread of HIV, one of the main challenges that remain is men’s unwillingness to get tested and know their status.  In general, men are reluctant to consult doctors. At the root of their aversion to seeking medical help — including testing for HIV — is their perceptions about manhood and themselves. 

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Hammanskraal Pride 2019

  • Category: News
  • Created: 06 December 2019

Hammanskraal pride nov 2019 poster instagram 

After the success of last year's inaugural event, OUT and TEN81 present the second Hammanskraal Pride on Saturday 7 December 2019 at Mandela Hall.

It starts at 11AM and runs till late. It will be a picnic set up so bring your camping chairs and picnic blankets.

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Life Tips: Becoming more patient

  • Category: News
  • Created: 14 February 2020

ten81 patience theme 2019

“Patience can’t be acquired overnight. It is just like building up a muscle. Every day you need to work on it.” - Eknath Easwaran

At this time of the year, people seem to become more impatient. Here are some helpful tips on how to practice becoming more patient:

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